Quote FAQ's

How do I measure the window?

All you need to measure is the length and width of the visible glass, preferably in cm/mm.

How would I get the thickness of the window

You don’t need to worry about the thickness as we will get this when we come to measure up

Do you come out to double check my measurements before making the unit?

Yes, we would come out to double check all measurements and information you submitted before placing your order.

What type of windows can you fit replacement glass into?

We currently only fit replacement double glazed units into UPVC frames. Unfortunately we DO NOT fit to HARDWOOD frames.

Do your windows have a guarantee?

All our units come with a 5 year guarantee

Does it make a mess when replacing the windows?

No, the glass replacement isn’t like replacing the frames. It’s mess free.

Do you repair my existing windows by vacuum the moister out?

No, we would replace the whole glass unit as its not feasible to repair the unit. The easiest and most cost effective way of dealing with this problem is to replace the double glazed unit.

Do you dispose of the old glass?

Yes, we always dispose of any unit we replace

How do you take payment

We accept cash, cheque, card payments or a bank transfer on completion. Some jobs may require a deposit

Safety Glass

Safety glass is required to be fitted in all doors and other windows or glazed areas that are lower than 800mm from the floor level or any glazing or part of that glazing, which is between the base of the bath or shower cubical and a height of 1500mm. If you are unsure whether you require safety glass, or not, please view our Safety Glass section to aid you.

Glass Type

After submitting your sizes, you will be given two quotations, one for standard glass and one for low energy glass. We recommend Clear Low Energy glass (that we combine with Argon gas filling) to save on energy bills and reduce internal condensation. If you do not require low energy glass then simply select “Clear Standard” under “Glass Type”. Please select “Other” if you require Georgian, Bevelled Glass etc and specify your requirements in the comments box.

Spacer Bar

A spacer bar is used to separate the panes of glass forming a cavity width that offers thermal insulation. This typically comes in a 20mm, 16mm or 12mm width. in the spacer bar also holds the desiccant, and the small holes in its surface allow the desiccant to adsorb water vapour from within the sealed cavity. The colour and thickness of the spacer bars vary. You do not have to worry about the thickness of the spacer bar as we would check this on our visit.

However, all the aluminium colours are starting to be phased out due to new building regulations and supply chain issues. Please view the purpose of a Spacer Bar Page to help guide you. On our visit if we notice that the spacer bar is no longer available, we will show you samples of alternative spacer bars. Eventually all aluminium spacer bars we be phased out across the country as building regulations are constantly being changed to be more energy efficient.

Price Match

We believe that our prices offer the best value money in glazing repair. However, contact us with details of an alternative quote we will endeavour to beat it.